Monday, June 10, 2013

College on my mind...

It seems so far away with my oldest only entering 8th Grade this year, but I have college on my mind lately. With high school just around the corner, I have to make some big I go with an accredited online college prep high school, do I stick with our eclectic approach and make our own transcript, etc. Thankfully, there are so many choices out there now for homeschoolers. The majority in our local area seem to stick with their own unique approaches, make their own transcripts or use transcript services and enroll their kids in community college courses when they are around 16 for a couple of classes. I am not sure which path to college degrees for the kids we will take, but since I am doing all this research (along with ordering lots of college bound books on amazon!) thought I'd post some helpful links and interesting programs that I find. I hope some of these links are helpful to you. Online High Schools: (accredited) - secular Online High Schools: (Catholic) And there are all sorts of interesting College courses for high school students: Also, there are transcript services to help you with scholarship and college applications if you don't become a fully enrolled online student with an accredited school.

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