Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SNOW at our house!

Winter Storms. . .

Well, we've had plenty of snow the past couple of weeks! The kids enjoyed looking at the weather maps, trying to catch snowflakes on black paper to examine and of course playing in it:). The winter has kept us inside more than we'd like, but they have gotten out for their "gym" time with Yoga class and Little Gym classes. Eoghan absolutely loves yoga!! He comes home and practices all the time, head stands being his favorite. They both also really enjoy gymnastics, so they haven't gone too stir crazy! We have enjoyed studying shakespeare and watching his plays that were adapted for kids. Romeo and Juliet is Orla's favorite. We've started concentrating a lot on music this quarter with the kids new fascination with Mozart and other composer's biography's. They are reading the Story of the Orchestra and watching Calvert's Meloday Lane series. As well as lessons with Monica for piano and voice. Orla is just now learning a minuet by Bach. Orla has been loving the Percy Jackson series and is on book 3. Eoghan has also been learning about Greek Myths and went to see the movie with Orla and Dad. Math has been fun with our fun Math trivia quizzes at dinner and logic problems. The kids actually enjoy the math questions Daddy challenges them with:). We also have been been concentrating on writing a good paragraph with all the components of a main idea, details and closing sentence. And lastly, the kids enjoyed learning more about the American Government branches and history. We got some fantastic dvds from the library about it and some books. It's been a a nice pace of learning over the winter!