Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conall joins in the Homeschool fun:)!

He is currently obsessed with letters and numbers! Which is great since he's only 2 years old - a good start:)

Eoghan's Essay and Orla's Venn diagram

Orla working on Kidspirations and Eoghan's completed project for Food Chains

Online Fun and Learning. . .

We've been exploring a lot of online supplements for our home learning. Eoghan loves video games and is a very visual learner, so anything I can find that has a "video game" feel to it is a big hit with him! For math, we've enjoyed Aha! Math online games that we get to play for free since it comes with our Calvert School Math program. I find the lessons very complete at teaching concepts. Also, we downloaded free trials of kidspirations. This is a very graphic program for organizing writing using pictures, charts, diagrams, etc. It has really improved both kids writing skills! I just subscribed to a free trial of and I think that is going to be an enjoyable online program for the kids. They LOVE science so I subscribed to which is part of DiscoveryEducation with a huge amount of video clips, etc. And last, but far from least, has helped tremendously with Eoghan's reading. Leveled readers which he would refuse to read if I had the real book, but since it is online and he gets points for his rocket decorating, he'll sit through the reading. So yes, lots of time on the web in this house, but I think it can act as a great resource for motivating and learning! Now, I just have to keep track of all of our usernames and passwords:) - no small task with 3 kids!