Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthday - Science!

Eoghan is still mad about science!! He was very happy for his birthday to get a rock tumbler. It's a fun way for him to learn more about natural sciences. He also got a rock collection and magnifying glass from his aunt. He loves looking at things close up in his microscopes (traditional and tv monitored one), magnifying glasses and his dad's telescope. I'm very happy he has found a subject he loves! He just checked out the book "Inventors" from the library and we will read that over the long weekend.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy, busy

Well, the 3 kids have kept things busy as usual:) Orla continues to concentrate on golden retriever book and has a rediscovered urge to re-read the spiderwick chronicles. Both kids went to their homeschool book club today and enjoyed discussing the Field Guide (book 1). They made houses for any boggarts in the house:) and had lots of fun! Tonight is Lego club at the library and Eoghan is looking forward to it, he loves Legos and anything to do with building! He has really enjoyed science books lately -reading lots of library books about volcanoes, earthquakes (we also were following the current events of those), fire works and how they are made, and engineering books. He even started reading his dad's science oriented magazing Nuts and Volts! His reading is still progressing independently which is good. We also revisited family history this week by making pie charts of our ancestor's countries. It was a great visual to see "who" they are from and also a mini-math lesson on charts, etc. We've continued our family writing time and the kid's have helped me with my stories as I've helped them with theirs. We even started publishing some of the stories on self-publishing printers. As far as exercise goes, they have taken to Yoga at home and will be starting a local class next week. They are looking forward to it. Time4learning has continued to be used as well as jumpstart's new online game so Eoghan gets his "computer" time and educational time combined:) Musically, Orla has started voice lessons and is loving it!